Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whooty. Oysters!

Yes, I've made Oysters Rockefeller before too. But you can never have too much of this either. I try, as a cook and blogger, to offer you new flavors, new cuisine, and perhaps a bit of kitchen help. I'm always up for a challenge and I like to challenge myself. That said, there are several particular meals that we make over and over. They're that good. I'm making my version of Oysters Rockefeller today. I've written about it before, several times. I'm writing about it today, again. And I can promise you, I will write about it many times in the future. We bought a bushel of oysters about three weeks ago, as soon as we got home from our trip cross-country. We have about two dozen left.
That's a beautiful oyster.
My topping is sauteed onions and chopped spinach in butter.
Add a bit of flour and cook about a minute, then pour in cream, gradually, letting the mixture thicken. You might want to grate some fresh nutmeg in and/or add a splash of sherry or white wine. Salt and pepper to taste.
Spoon spinach mixture over oysters.
A drop or two of hot sauce adds a lovely touch.
Grate some Parmesan over each oyster.
Top with a combination of panko and Ritz.
Run under the broiler until cheese is melted.
Come to Mama, little crabbie.
I flove me some oysters. Ouch! Zzzadig, I just got another stab of pain.

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zzzadig said...

You better hope that Harris Teeter comes through for me tomorrow...where did I put that hat pin?