Friday, December 3, 2010

Rosie Makes Giblet Gravy,

All the Hawthornes love giblet gravy, but one little turkey doesn't have enough organs for us.
I ended up buying extra parts -
more livers, gizzards, and hearts. Don't forget the mushrooms.
Be sure to trim the gizzards. You need to cut off that fibrous silverskin. The pile at top left is the trimmings.
Get some homemade turkey stock out of your freezer ...
... and thaw it out.
Melt some butter in a pan over medium high heat. You might want to add just a bit of oil (to raise the smoke point) so the butter doesn't burn.
Add in the giblets.
Add in the shrooms.
Cook for 3-4 minutes until browned.
Add in a little more butter.
A few tablespoons of flour. And cook the flour for about a minute to get rid of the raw.
Slowly and gradually add in the stock, stirring, until you get the consistency you want.
Add in the turkey drippings for extra flavor.
And there you have a lovely, delicious, lump-free gravy. You're welcome.

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Rocquie said...

I remember my Grandmother always added chopped boiled eggs to her giblet gravy.