Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Christmas came a little early for Rosie this year.
My Sandra Lee cookbook came in the mail today. I entered a contest in the Raleigh News and Observer last month and I WON! This is from Sandra's cookbook:
This is from me:
Sandra Experiments Making Inedible Horrific Offerings Mediocre Entrees Mind-boggling Appetizers Doodoo Excrement

I CAN’T WAIT for that watermelon fizz

to start cooking the Semi-Homemade Way!

Does anyone know how long it took Rosie to figure out how to do the strike-through above? Oy with the poodles already. And points for anyone who can dish that quote up. Ticky???


SweetPhyl said...

OOH--Just in time for you to make her amazing Kwanzaa cake! You lucky dog, you! Happy Semi-Ho Holidays, Rosie!

Marion said...

Hmmm, may have to visit Rosie (who will remember HOW she got the cookbook) for a semi-Ho marathon.

Anything about tablescapes? How big is the cocktail section?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Rosie certainly remembers HOW she heard of the contest and I believe credit was given in an earlier post.
There's a rather hefty cocktail section and a lovely section on tablescapes and entertaining. There's also an intriguing "recipe" for a volcano cake for a "science project party" for children. It involves store bought cakes trimmed into a cone shape, slathered with canned frosting, decorated with trails of lava-colored tubed frosting.

My favorite part:
"For an ERUPTION," hide a glass with dry ice in the well of the cake. When you're ready to serve, pour a little hot water into it for smoke."

I imagine that's not the only eruption offered by this cake.

And Rosie welcomes you any time for a semi-Ho marathon.

Kathy said...

Now, if the eruption only involved marshmallow cream, it would be perfect.

Never watched Gilmore Girls.