Friday, December 3, 2010

Rosie's Thanksgiving Ham.

I'd left a naked ham on the counter top. One should never do this when one has three large dogs roaming the house. I'd just left it for a few minutes when I had to go do some laundry. When I returned, it seems that Giada had found the raw ham and helped herself to a few gnawings. Not to worry. Rosie can take care of that. I cut off the offending parts and doctored the ham up.
Skewer in some pineapple rings with Maraschino cherries and make a glaze.
I added a little cherry joose to the pineapple joose.
A little honey never hurts.
Brown sugar is always good.
Stud the ham with cloves.
Pour some glaze over top. And bake.
Ta daaaaa!

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