Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Photo Shoot With The Hawthorne Pups.

 Junior is happy.
 Extremely happy.
He got balls for Christmas!

 Beau is gaily festooned.

 Beau strikes a handsome pose.

Now here's where it got funny.
Wish I'd video'd this.
  I wanted to get a group shot of
Beau, Giada, and Junior.
It took three assistants.

 Junior, with his new balls,
was first to listen and behave.

  Next, the lovely Giada behaved.

 Beau's not sure what he's supposed to be doing.

 Junior and Giada patiently wait for Beau.

Almost ready.

Take it quickly!
I love the tongue action.

Beau is distracted.
Musta been the lights on Norfolk Island Pine inside.

He got bored and left.

 Beau's gone.

 And he's back.
For two pictures.
 Then Beau and Junior skedaddled.

Leaving Giada,
who wanted MORE.

 Giada likes posing.

 What a beautiful girl!
Merry Christmas,
from Beau, Giada, and Junior Hawthorne.