Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Hawthornes Make Spring Rolls.

We're having spring rolls tonight,
along with our requisite champagne.
After all, Maxine is here.

Mr. Hawthorne soaks a spring roll
in warm water to soften it up.

Our fillings.
We have:
Sushi rice sprinkled with rice vinegar
Boston lettuce
avocado slices soaking in lime juice
julienned carrots
cucumber strips
red onion
pickled ginger
Wasabi dipping sauce
Soy dipping sauce made with Tamari, Mirin, rice vinegar,
garlic, honey, scallions, toasted sesame seeds

Mr. Hawthorne begins.
The trick is to not put too much filling on the wrapper.

Start rolling.

Mix and match.

My turn at rolling now.
A little lettuce and limed avocado.

I like a little dipping sauce on my rice inside the roll.

Add in the shrimp slices.

Some julienned carrot and cucumber.
Sprouts and onions.

Some radish slices.

Roll up tightly.

I love the pretty green colors.

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