Monday, December 3, 2012

Rosie Makes Shrimp-Filled Crepes.

The Hawthornes almost always
have cooked shrimp in the fridge.
Today was no exception
and when I left the house this morning for an appointment,
I told Mr. Hawthorne I was going to use that shrimp
to make shrimp-filled crepes for lunch.
So naturally,
when I got back home and started looking for the shrimp,
I couldn't find it.
Upon interrogation of Mr. Hawthorne,
I discovered that he'd mixed all the shrimp
in with the cocktail sauce
(Don't ask me why.)
 and this in no way fits in with whatever
I was going to fix for lunch.
I was going with the idea of a delicate orange cream sauce
napped with melted cheese on the crepes.
Horseradish, ketchup, and Lea & Perrins
is not a part of the flavor profile I was going for,
so I ate the shrimp and cocktail sauce as an appetizer
and pulled out another package of frozen shrimp
from the 40 pounds or so in the downstairs freezer.
  40 pounds or so.

 This is one of those "recipes"
that I'm making up as I go along,
so hang in there with me.

 Rosie's Ingredients for Shrimp Filled Crepes
 Bottom left - crepes from Thanksgiving thawing out
 Back left - shrimp thawing out
Back center - heavy cream, sherry, parsley,
 chives, scallion, lemon thyme
Right hand side - grated Swiss cheese, 
chopped roasted pepper, minced shallot
Center - zest of orange, fresh orange juice,
chopped red onion, toasted almonds

 I decided to add some frozen green peas to my mise en place.

 First I heated a tablespoon of butter and a 
tablespoon of oil over high heat
and added in the shrimp.
 I shook them around in the pan for about 30 seconds,
then I added in a splash of sherry.

 Take the pan off the flame to add the sherry in,
then return to the heat, swirl, and the alcohol will ignite.

I obviously can't deal with fire and video at the same time.

 Add in the red onion and shallot.

 Add in the roasted pepper.

 Add in the peas.

 I want to thicken my filling
so I'm making a roux.
Add a tablespoon of butter and let it melt.

 Add in a heaping tablespoon of flour
and cook over medium low heat to get the raw taste out of the flour.

 Slowly pour in 1/3 cup orange juice.

 Add in 1/3 cup heavy cream
and cook, stirring,  until thickened.

 Add in a handful of grated Swiss cheese.

 Filling is ready.

 Add filling to crepes and roll up.

 Top with a little more of the cheese sauce.

 Add toasted almonds.

 Add more grated Swiss.

 Sprinkling orange zest over top.

 Sprinkle fresh herbs.

 Bake in a 350 degree oven
 until cheese is melted and slightly brown on top.
Melty gooey cheesy inside.
Tender, sweet shrimp.
Bright flavors of orange zest.
  Crunchy, toasty almonds.
Green zip of parsley. 

Another Hawthorne Happy Meal.


Anonymous said...

You should know better than to leave Mr.hawthorne home alone without childproofing the kitchen

Rosie Hawthorne said...

True dat.

Unknown said...
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Mel said...

Hi Rosie. I felt I should probably introduce myself since it looks like I stalk your blog. (Sorry for that!) I started reading all the posts on TWoP for Semi-Ho this past summer and have bookmarked most of the blogs that were linked to. I always have yours open in a tab. I really enjoy it.

Anyway, my name is Melinda and I'm from the 'Burg, FL. (I made crepes for the first time tonight using your blog entry for them.) Thank you for posting your blog. I love it all, the food, the garden, the travel, the pets and people, all of it. And your kitchen remodel? To die for!

To sum this up, I just wanted to say hello. And thank you.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hello, Mel.
Stalk away! Hello to you and welcome. Thank you for reading and commenting. It means so much to me to hear from my readers. Please, stop by frequently and always leave me notes!