Sunday, December 9, 2012

You Know You Want One.

 Heads up!
Guy Fee-ye-dee has his own line of cookware now
and it's based on his TATTOOS.


This is freakin' OFF DA HOOK!

What lucky person on my Christmas gift list will get one of these?


Marilyn said...

Dear God, why?

Although, I suppose if someone did buy you something from this line, you would quickly know what "friend" or relative to drop or disinherit.

Rosie Hawthorne said...


Now I have to think of something else to get you.

Marilyn said...

LOL! I think I could forgive you almost anything, dear Rosie!

southdrivein said...

I wonder what fine third world sweatshop this cancer causing cookware was made at LOL!

zzzadig said...

What? No oven mitts with HATE on one and LOVE on the other?

Kathy said...

Makes me wanna puke.

vera charles said...

The pig in the top hat is especially gross. Is that some kind of comment on him?