Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't You Just Love Good Neighbors?

Well, just guess whose mailbox that is firmly implanted in MY dirt on MY property inside MY fence.
Golly, hope nobody accidentally hits it when entering or leaving my parking area. Can't wait for the kiddies to come home for Christmas and then all their little friends will be coming over and parking here, backing out at night, jockeying positions amongst the other vehicles .
I tell ya, it's an accident waiting to happen.

You know what?
I think I'll start parking my truck over on that lot
and not in my driveway.
I think I'll back my truck in on the lot and park it nose to nose with that mail box. I hate to inconvenience Sandy-the-Mail-Lady, but I just might have to.
Leave it to the United States Post Office to tell this AssWipe to move his damn mailbox ONto his own freakin' property.
And Sandy-The-Mail-Lady llllllikes me.
I give her Christmas cookies and candies.
Sandy-The-Mail-Lady will be on MY side.


Marilyn said...

MrP thinks you need to find the property line and then thank new neighbors for the new mailbox (disclaimer: this probably is not legal).

Marilyn said...

Gee, I only give my postal guy citrus potpourri for Christmas.