Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh No! Not Again!

fu ...???

What's going on here????

Not again, GoodNeighborFrank!!!!

Oh ...Oh ... He's backed his trailer
INto my freaking
front yard!

Oops... never mind.

Those are all MY workers.

TileMan (d'Shawnt'ay) and his entourage showed up this morning after all. And he was correct in saying one of his buddies was an asshole. Didn't take me long to figure out which one. He was the one who set his tile saw right at the front door between the door and Ed's saw so Ed couldn't get by with his flooring. Ed mentioned to him he had 900 square feet of deck and why the hell did he set the saw right up his ass? And Ed would know how much deck there is out there since he installed every inch of it himself. "Chucky" made some smart comment to Ed as they were coming in the door. Then "d'Shawnt'ay" asked "Chucky" if there was a problem and "Chucky," with a very apparent 'tude, said no, then "d'Shawnt'ay" gave me a wink and a smile. Heh!

TileMan kept getting shocked around these outlets. Maybe 6-7 times.

When his son worked around them he used a wooden thingie to push the tiles INto place. Tileman's son, "Ignaceous," said yeah, he'd learned his lesson.

Apparently one that Father hadn't learned yet.

Tileman ("d'Shawnt'ay") and his helper, "Dimitri," hard at work.

Now, it's kind of hard to see in this picture, but TileMan told me to mark the tiles I want taken out and replaced with the accent abalone tiles. I marked 25 tiles with green tape. I was trying to mark everything randomly (Hee, I started to say random pattern, but then that wouldn't be random, would it?). Randomness is a hard thing to do because I think the human brain actually wants to make order out of chaos and so we are preternaturally or possibly innately determined to try to "order" our little worlds. Mr. Hawthorne kept telling me to move this tile here, move that tile there, in order to order his world and create a static environment. I told him to shut up and leave the room until it was all done. He was trying to make order. I was trying to make chaos or randomness.

Does this make sense to you?

Hey, Missie Hawthorne, you're the psych major.
What do you think about my chaos/random theory? Do we, as humans, try to organize and make order out of whatever is thrown our way? Is it our way of trying to be in control of our environment? Is it our nature to do this? Is it a matter of basic survival instinct?

Here's the accent abalone tile.
I had to go through all 25 tiles and mark each one with an arrow to show which way is up. The colors change dramatically depending on which angle you look at and there is only 1 correct angle.

Pictures just don't do this justice.

Now I need to find stainless steel switchplates.

TileMan is installing my accent tiles.

I'm definitely getting stainless steel switchplates. The neat thing about these abalone accent tiles is they look like they're popping out of the wall,
but they're actually flush with the rest of the glass tiles.

I'm loving me some abalone right now.

And each tile is unique.

Here are Mr. Hawthorne and TileMan and TileMan really does look like
Henry Winkler.

Here's another shot. My kitchen has changed dramatically.

Do you think I succeeded in my quest for randomnimity?

TileMan was upset that I wanted the tiles all on the diagonal.
(Extra work for him.)
But he admitted it looked awesome.

Now, I'm waiting on the trim that goes around the sink window.

Tomorrow, Ed has to trim a wee bit off the trim that went on the base of the cabinets and reinstall that so you can't see the undercabinet lights.


Marilyn said...

Gorgeous!! And it looks even better in person? Wow.

Lane said...

Yeah people do that, but usually in Psychology we talk about it as a fallacy in rational thinking because people see patterns where they don't exist. That was in the binder that you sent me, did you look at it or something?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

No I didn't look at the binder.

I was just trying to do random, and found it very hard to do, because inside me was really trying to make order.

Hey Everybody! That's my daughter- the Dean's List Psych Major! WHOOT!

Now why do we see patterns where they don't exist?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

And she's been edumacated and gradumacated from UNC-Chapel Hill!

Rosie is so proud of her little Hawthornette!

Unknown said...

Nice fake out!

And the tiles look beautiful!!!

Unknown said...
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