Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Went On Today.

Ed started pulling up the carpet today in my bedroom.
And believe me, if you have carpet, you don't want to know what's underneath it after 20 years of living at the beach. My goodness. The SAND! And I vacuum all the time! And this is after everybody's wiped their feet off at the doormat (HAH!), gone up the steps, then gone INto the bedroom. This room used to belong to the Little Hawthornes. All three of them. I traded with the last two of them so the boys could have a bigger bedroom after Daughter Hawthorne got her own room.

Here's my nekkid bedroom.

I cleaned out my walk in closet this afternoon so Ed can start painting in there tomorrow.
Can't wait to get in there and
wash those windows.

Here's my closet out in the hallway between the bathroom and laundry. At least I'll have the opportunity of going through everything and probably ditching most of it to Goodwill. I haven't worn 3/4 of that stuff since I worked at a bank 12 years ago.

I am sooo looking forward to this purging.

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