Sunday, December 2, 2007

What Ed Did Today.

Here's my "before" bedroom.
I know.
It's a mess.

Here's looking INto my walk-in closet.
My bookcase needs an overhaul.

Notice the two closet doors. When we planned this house, I made sure the space on either side of the dormer was put to use.

Here's my bed with mismatched lamps. Gee, I need to get a skirt to go around the box springs.

Yesterday from 12 to 6, I boxed up everything in the closets and took all the boxes and small pieces of furniture out to the storage shed.

Ed came in early this morning, moved the heaviest furniture for me - the bed, the chest of drawers, and my desk.

This is my ceiling. What Ed has done is take off the damn popcorn which I hate, but it was what they did to ceilings 20 years ago.

Tomorrow, I have a mudman coming in to put a new ceiling on.
Next, Ed will pull up the carpet. Then, MAPLE FLOORING for Rosie!

Oh, Youngest Hawthorne is inconvenienced.
He's not liking this turn of events.
That's my bed in his doorway.
Too bad, you little punk!


Lane said...

pooooor Dillon. Hmm. He'll get over it.

Marilyn said...

Your bookcase looks like mine! I can't wait to see how your room turns out.