Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rosie's Christmas Dinner

AARGH!!!! The restless are getting natives.

Here's my green bean casserole, ready for the oven.

I refuse to use a can of cream of mushroom soup or the
canned onions either.

I found Alton's arrussssipppeeee on the Food Network.
Yes, I just LOGGed ONto and DOWNloaded the arrussiiippppeee.
And apparently, it's the best green bean casserole ever. Because that's the name of it: "Best Ever Green Bean Casserole."

Here's the arrrussssuuupppeee:


Next up, my sweet tater casserole.

I gave Mr. Hawthorne explicit directions on how to prepare this. I had already boiled the sweet taters until they were tender, and I was busy doing other stuff so he needed to help.
I boiled the taters. Then told Mr. H. to add ornj juice, brown sugar, buttah, and cream, and mix it up. Then top with marshmallows, pecans, brown sugah, buttah. Delish.

I had two pomegranates sittin' and awaitin'.
So I used them today.
I sauteed some onions and garlic,
and added whole peppercorns.
I added Madeira, and cooked until almost evaporated. Then I added chicken stock, pomegranate juice, some molasses, and brown sugar.
I reduced slowly to a sauce consistency.
Then added salt and pepper, chopped chives,
and pomegranate seeds.

Here's my wild rice.

Here's my pomegranate sauce.
With fresh chopped chives and pomegranate seeds.

Here's Turkey-Lurkey!

Finally finished decorating the tree on Christmas Eve.

I sliced some portabella mushrooms, sauteed them, then added the chopped giblets.

Added a bit of sherry for f'ntastic flavor and let it cook off.

Then I added a bit more butter, some flour, and cooked the flour. Turkey stock went in next and I ended up with a lovely mushroom giblet gravy that you'll just have to imagine and take my word for, since the family was hungry and getting tired of my taking pictures and they just wanted to eat.

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