Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sandy Loo Wishes You A Very Merry Christmas!

Sandra Lee and her life-size nutcrackers
will always give me nightmares.

I lurve this shot of Snads.
Very Stepford-esque.

I llllove you BEEEYORRRRRNNN!!!!!!!

Sandra Lee has changed from her lovely lopsided sweater
INto her lumberjack look.
I guess it's Sven and BEEYORRRRN.

That nutcracker in the background gives me the willies.

The tree. The tree. What can I say?
How better to celebrate the birth of Christ than to take out all your bar ware- your wine glasses, your champagne flutes, your martini glasses- and decorate your Christmas tree.
Everything ya got, Baby.

And it's her FAVE tree EVER!

I love the Star of Bethlehem.
A drunken Nutcracker with a boozy KoKtail.

Nothing says Christmas more than a boozy Christmas tree, a boozy, booby hostess, bar ware and nutcrackers and KoKtails.


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