Sunday, December 16, 2007

TileMan Strikes!!

Mr. Hawthorne and I got along really well with "d'Shawnt'ay", the TileMan. Even though he absolutely hated doing the extra work to put my tiles in on a diagonal, he did it. After the job was over, we were sitting around talking, and he was telling us numerous anecdotes about his work. One in particular, was about how he always puts his "stamp" on his jobs.

Well, Golly, Mr. Hawthorne just found TileMan's stamp tonight.

Remember how I told TileMan to do everything on the diagonal?

Welllllllll, he didn't.

Check out the tile around the sink window.

d'Shawnt'ay left his stamp.
At the top.

Here's a close up.
See it?
He made RECTANGLES. And made a TRIANGLE!
In the very middle.
I really have to give the TileMan credit for this.
He told me he always left his stamp, and now I've found his stamp on my kitchen. It took a lot of extra work to do this and he did it, thinking we'd never find it.
Mr. Hawthorne found it the very next day.
Good for him.

And just because I love this picture, I offer it to you again.
My abject pleasure of seeing GoodNeighborFrank's Mailbox down is just giving me that little extra that makes you go, "Hmmmmmm....... What is that je ne sais quoi?"

Why, It's GOD, felling a mailbox, that's in the wrong place.

Wind, indeed.


Marilyn said...

It looks almost as if the very ground did spit it out.

Unknown said...

Glowria and I have been wondering, what letters have been replaced by the apostrophes in TileMan's name?
We lllloovvve the randomness of the accents!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Oh, I am slow. I know you xmaskatie, don't I? Good one. Heh!

As for the letters being replaced, just substitute with any letters you want. Anything at all.