Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Hawthorne Have a LLLLLLovellly LLLLLunch.

We bought a bushel of oysters the other day, when the temperature was in the 40's, so I could leave the oysters in the cooler on the deck. As always after buying oysters, the temperature rose to the 60's today. No problem. Just put the frozen turkey I bought at FoodLion today on top of the lllllittle buggers.

I fried up itty bitty pieces of bacon, then added chopped onion and spinach. Added a splash of sherry, then some cream.
Top with crumbled Ritz and cheese and
POP under the broiler until toasty.

I shucked the whole platter of oysters myself with no help from Mr. H. who doesn't like to shuck oysters. He was certainly willing and able to eat the ones I shucked, though.

Here they are ready to go INto the oven.

These were delicious.

We steamed the oysters I was unable to open.
Just lemon juice and melted butter is all you need.
That's the way to eat oysters.

Since the produce today at FoodLion was crappy, as usual, we made an extra trip to Harris Teeter which has beautiful produce. Sometimes your body just screams out to you, "FEED ME SOME GREENS!"

We bought turnip greens, mustard greens, and kale. This pot of cooked down greens started with them stacked up way over the top. Mr. H. added a ham bone with meat on it and some potatoes. This is going to simmer and cook down a couple of hours and it's going to be wonderful.

While at Harris Teeter, we saw some lovely fresh monk fish, also called "poor man's lobster," and decided to get some of that too. Just some olive oil, butter, sliced onions, white wine, and salt and pepper.

Now, here's the funny part of the story.
We get home, put the groceries up, start prepping and cooking. And we cannot find the monk fish anywhere. We look everywhere then look in all the same places again. No monk fish. So he calls Harris Teeter and tells them, because we figure we probably just left $5.69 worth of monk fish on the counter. "Not a problem," they say. "We'll bring it to you immediately." Can you believe that? Apparently that's their policy. And they did. They brought us $8.59 worth of monk fish plus a $5.00 gift card and apologized for all our trouble. I thanked the gentleman profusely, then went back to the kitchen to cook the fish and Mr. H. is standing there with the refrigerator door open, holding a package, saying, "What's this?" I say, "It's the 1/2 sub you bought at Harris Teeter." "No," he says, "it's the monkfish."

Now, tomorrow, we'll have to go back to Harris Teeter, tails between our legs, explain to them that I am an idiot, pay $8.59 + tax, and give them back their $5.00 gift card.

Then we started worrying about how this could have started a chain of events. Vickie, the cashier might lose her job over this, then she goes home without a job, her husband files for divorce, her children have no presents for Christmas, etc... And what about the poor man who brought us the monkfish? What if he has an accident going back to Harris Teeter. WHAT HAVE I DONE?????

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Marilyn said...

Well, I have to say that life never seems to be dull in the Hawthorne residence!