Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's A New Day!

Rosie greets the day.
Let's see ...
There's a bone pill.
There's a vitamin pill.
There's a blood pressure pill.
There's a brain pill.
And finally, there's my anti-bitch pill.
I'm ready to go.

Wow, just wow.
It's cyber-Christmas, which actually I like better than having to go to a store and shop for stuff since I HATE shopping.
I love how Miss Hawthorne gives me directions on how to cut/copy and paste.
She must think I'm a dottering fool, teetering on the edge of senility, drooling INto a cup, ready to be sent to the home.

Rosie gets her assembly line ready to pack 7 tins of cookies/candies/delectables for shipping off to family and friends.

What's in that big box?

Why, it's more yummies!

Here are tins waiting to be whisked away to family, co-workers, and friends.

Neighbors and local friends will be dealt with on Christmas Eve.

Here's a finished tin.
With 33 different items in it.
I did not include the arrrussssuuuppppeee for Pecan Praline in my blog since they really didn't turn out that well. They taste good, but look bad.

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