Sunday, December 16, 2007

What's This?

When I went out to get my Sunday paper this morning I immediately sensed that
something was amiss.

Now you regular readers will recognize this mailbox on MY property as the mailbox belonging to my GoodNeighborFrank,
who by the way, will NOT be getting any Christmas cookies from me. Nor will the neighbors on the other side of them, to whom I've taken cookies for the past three years, be getting any either. I've usually left them with the company that answered the door, and have never once gotten so much as a thank you.
And, yes, they knew who they came from in case you're trying to make excuses for these ungrateful boors.
The Missus is a former "ballerina" from New York City who teaches dance down here so she would probably prefer
a few lettuce leaves and a carton of Marlboro Reds.
But I digress.

Well, I'm extremely upset to report that their mailbox has met with a most unfortunate accident.

Now, you know I'm just all choked up about this. So upset in fact I might just have to have a few drinks to calm my nerves.
A Mailbox-tini, perhaps?

Nefarious forces are at work here.

Mr. Hawthorne and I went out this
afternoon and came home to this:

Aaaaaaand .... she's DOWN!!!

Sadly, the only forces at work here were natural forces. I didn't see car tracks around it and we did have some hellacious winds last night and are expecting gusts up to 50 mph tonight.

Damn. I thought some helpful neighbor had taken this mailbox out for me.

Do I need to tell you where my truck will be parked all day long tomorrow and forever as long as it takes until somebody gets a clue and removes the friggin' mailbox from my property?

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Marilyn said...

I didn't do it. Nope, not me. Whistles innocently from Indiana.