Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Here's our Christmas morning breakfast:

First, I fried up some ham slices.

Then, I steamed some spinach.

Next, I started my hollandaise sauce. I whisked two aig yolks and the juice of a lemon over low heat.
Whisk constantly and do not let come to a boil, else the aigs will curdle.

When the yolks get light colored and foamy, it's time to add in the butter.

Add one tablespoon of butter at a time, whisking constantly. I used about 3/4 stick of butter.

And here's my lovely buttery,
lemony hollandaise.

Bring water and some vinegar to a boil in a deep pan. Stir it to make a vortex.

Drop aig INto the vortex. It should wrap all the white around the yolk and make a nice little package. Cook about a minute.

Here's my aigs benedict. Toasted English muffin, spinach, ham, poached aig, hollandaise sauce.

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