Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2 - Lunch In Asheville At The Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant.

After a busy morning caving, we arrived in Asheville, NC, to go to the NC Arboretum. First, lunch. At the Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant.
OK. I'm a sucker for any place that has a replica of the Hatteras lighthouse.
Check out the prices on the menu. Mr. Hawthorne and I both ordered salads. He ordered the fried oyster platter for $5.50. I ordered two fried items - the oysters and clams for $7.50. I could not believe the prices. To get decent oysters at a terrific price, we have to drive 400 miles inland.
Good bleu cheese dressing with chunks of cheese. You know I like my chunks.
Here are my oysters and clams. Unbelievable prices. Perfectly fried seafood. Down here on the Outer Banks, this dish would be about $12.95 - $14-95.
I generally don't like hush puppies, but these were good. Just a hint of sweetness and a lot of puppiness. Mr. Hawthorne took one look at the dessert selection and had to order ...
Suicide Cake
He's been eating off this since Saturday night.
It is Monday. I just had a bite of the Suicide Cake. It is sinfully rich. Moist. Super chocolaty. Decadent. Divine.

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dle1004 said...

I will have to try this place in Nov when I am there, I too am amazed at the prices when I go to western NC.