Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rosie And Mr. Hawthorne Take A Day Trip. WHOOT!!! Part 1 Of Many.

The other day, I was talking to Xmaskatie and she was telling me about her planned trip to Ocracoke this weekend with Mr. Xmaskatie and various other friends. On their scooters. A motley crew at best, So I thoughts to meself, Rosie? Self? Why don't you and the Mister take a widdle twip to Ocracoke? And we did. Today. Saturday. So, on Friday and Thursday, I needled Mr. Hawthorne and nagged him, excruciatingly so, until he finally bent to my will. BWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Why is it SOOOOO hard to get him to take off a day from work and go on exploration and discovery with me? And on Saturday morning, we left for Ocracoke.
Now, the Xmaskaties and friends would be coming down South, leaving at 3:15 from the Nags Head ABC Store, while we were boarding the ferry at 3:30 from Ocracoke, heading North. I finally got cell reception about 4:10 and was able to get my voice mail from Xmaskatie, advising me of her imminent passing. On bikes. I think we passed them around abouts Frisco. The above photo is one I took of another group of bikers, since I missed the picture of the actual Xmaskaties and their party. Stay tuned for numerous posts of Rosie's and Mr. Hawthorne's trip to Ocracoke. I promise not to disappoint.

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