Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 2 - Dead Birds At The North Carolina Arboretum Welcome Center.

While in Asheville, we visited the North Carolina Arboretum - a 434 acre natural treasure with 65 acres of cultivated gardens and 10 miles of hiking and bike trails. Unfortunately, fall is not the season to check out the gardens, although the Bonsai Exhibition Garden was mighty fine. (Post of the Bonsai Garden forthcoming.) We started our visit in the Baker Exhibit Center, which was devoted to the wide range of bird species found throughout the grounds of the Arboretum.
Click to enlarge to see all the different species of birds here. Now, on to the bird exhibits, which I thought were rather ghoulish.
I overheard one young mother explaining to her 4 year old that all the little birds were "sleeping." Oh, the lies we tell to protect our children.
Next we checked out the Exhibit Greenhouse.
Bird of paradise. I have a bird of paradise plant I grew from seeds I bought at the Orlando airport maybe 13 years ago when we took the little Hawthornelets to Disney World. It has yet to bloom.
This is the quilt garden. You can see that it might have been a little more colorful in the spring.
Stay tuned for the Bonsai Garden.


Anonymous said...

Wonder why they decided to display the birds sleeping instead of "in flight" or "perched." Money?

Anonymous said...

Try a jar of pickle juice on the bird of paradise. Mine is finicky it bloomed for years and then stopped for about 4 years and now started again. The pickle juice worked with my gardenias so I tried it on BOP and seems to work.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the tip.
I'll try it.