Sunday, October 4, 2009

Parasailer In Avon. Part 7.

Mr. Hawthorne and I left Ocracoke and headed North. Where else to go?
Here's a map you can click on to see our journey today. Can you find little Colington Island? That's where we started.
We are, I believe, in Avon, NC., when I espy something in the sky. Why, it's a parasailer? Is there a waterway right there where a parasailer might be towed? I do not think so.
He's motorized. All of these shots were taken while traveling at 55 MPH through an open window. Wait, I wasn't traveling through an open window. I was shooting pictures through an open window while traveling 55 MPH. So I guess that would make it not through a window, since there was no window. Well there was a window, but it was open. These pictures were taken through a hole in the truck.

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