Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Trip To Ocracoke. Part 2 Of Many.

Mr. Hawthorne and Rosie left Colington Island about 10:30 Saturday morning, heading South on Hwy. 12.
There was a heavy morning rain in Colington Saturday. This area on Hwy 12 had standing water.
We were fourth in line for the ferry and got the left front parking place.
The ferry is starting its engines up, roiling up the waters.
There's Mr. Hawthorne.
Passing ferries.
I'd love to boat to this island in the middle of all of this beauty. I can imagine all sorts of shells and star fish, and sea glass, and sand dollars and hidden treasures.
This little thin lady kept backing up and backing up to take a picture of her partner. I was worried she might back over the back of the ferry.
Anglers on the point.
Hatteras Inlet.
Entering the ferry dock to Ocracoke.

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Anonymous said...

Yesterday on our ferry ride we saw a pod of dolphins frolicking near the inlet. And no one was feeding the gulls. It was a wonderful day.