Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank You, Xmaskatie And Mr. Xmaskatie.

Xmaskatie, I want to thank you (and Mr. Xmaskatie) so very much for Dixie- and house-sitting, thus making Mr. Hawthorne's and my trip possible. And thanks for the bag of sweet potatoes! Much appreciated. We just finished the bushel of sweet potatoes we bought on 64 last year.
And I love this picture you sent me. For those not in the know, that's Mr. Xmaskatie in my kitchen, preparing a late afternoon snack for Dixie, Junior, and Katie. (Youngest Hawthorne babysat Friday and Saturday and left Sunday.) Glad to see y'all enjoyed my grit cakes. It is Monday evening. Mr. Hawthorne and I returned from our little excursion about 1 PM today. I posted about our trip to Linville Caverns a few hours ago, so if you missed that, please go back and look at the pretty pictures. And stay tuned for more posts of our 3-4 day vacation.

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