Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Youngest Hawthorne And Junior And Giada And Beau.

It's Fall Break and guess who's home.
If you guessed everybody, you would be correct.
Giada and Junior chillin' while Rosie cooks dinner.
I love 'em.
Whenever Youngest Hawthorne picks up Junior, and Junior loves to be picked up and cuddled, Junior just rests his head on his Daddy's shoulder.
Junior is a very alert, smart little fellow. And he's a thief too. I love him. And I love this one too. Even on my off-white naugasuede chair which I've carefully and anally lined with three throws, which certainly weren't thrown on the chair. I do not like the name "throw." All three blankets have different themes and stories. Oh, wait. They're comforters. I just realized that fact during the sentence I wrote with "blanket." Each comforter comes with a story and that is comforting. "Oh wait," you gasp! "Each comes with a story???" Please, please, Rosie. Regale us." Oh, no, no. no. I wouldn't want to bore. "Pretty pleeeeeeeease???????? We'd ever so much love it!" Aw. Shucks. Well, if you insist. Here's my suedahyde chair carefully and lovingly draped with three of my comforters. And that's Yogi in front. Every time Beau comes home, he always tries to hump Yogi.
This comforter was given to me by Sistah Hawthorne. It features a wooden bookcase with books, tchotchkes, and a preening cat at the bottom. (See above photo for preening cat.) This one is comforting because Sistah Deah gave it to me and I love her.
This comforter I gave to a lady down the street for Christmas. Her mother always used to call her "Angel" and I knew she'd like this, even though she probably couldn't see the Angel since she had glaucoma. I told her there was an angel. I did some casual work for her husband (secretarial/financial/errands/bookkeeping/gardening) before he died and I kinda/sorta took care of her until she died. When I was cleaning out her home, I took this comforter back with me. This one is comforting because it reminds me of spending time with two folks who experienced and celebrated such a life together and had such wonderful stories to tell and who are no longer with us. This comforter I gave to my Auntie. She loved flowers and she made the most Amazing Arrangements. She was one of those rare, beautiful people. When she died and I was helping my siblings take care of her home, I took this comforter back with me. This one is comforting because I have something Auntie loved nearby. I think this was the first comforter I ever received as a gift. It's from my dear friend, Maxine. I keep it draped over the elephant chair. This one is comforting because it reminds me of a wonderful friendship.
When will I remember that I cannot edit videos to rotate them? I missed the moment here. I went to shoot a picture of Beau blowing bubbles while watching his PaPa eat, but the camera was on video instead of still. Whenever Mr. Hawthorne sits down to eat, Beau all but climbs up in his lap. He's not aware that he weighs 100 pounds. Here he has one paw on the brass paw rail and is resting his head on the stool Mr. Hawthorne had put there to keep Beau out of his lap while he ate breakfast. Jumpin' Junior.
See, Rosie can learn from her mistakes.
Daughter Hawthorne and Giada left last weekend and the Hawthorne Boys with Beau and Junior have left today to go back to school after their fall break. Sniff. I love those puppies. Dixie's going to be a happy camper.


Lane said...

Thank you for telling all about those "comforters." I didn't know all that. I love those, by the way. All of them. I think my favorite is the horses one from Maxine because its really soft and has been around for a long time. :) Wuvoo mommy! This post deserved a comment.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Spank oo, WaneyPoo.
I wub oo.

Hairball T. Hairball said...

I also enjoyed the stories about your comforters and learning about the special people they remind you of.