Monday, April 16, 2012

April 14, 2012. Travelling to Charleston, West Virginia.

After leaving Lexington and Natural Bridge,
the Hawthornes traveled to Charleston, West Virginia 
for the night.

Here are some pictures
shot from the car, through bug-splattered windows,
going 70 MPH.

Beautiful scenery.

I love the fresh, bright greens of spring.

We weren't going 70 MPH here.

Longhorn cow and calf.

Interesting bridge.

New River Gorge

We're in West Virginia.

More bridges.

Entering Charleston, West Virginia.
That's the gold dome of the capitol building.

I'm shooting out Mr. Hawthorne's window now.

60 MPH and I like this shot.

Before we left Charleston,
we drove back to the capitol building.

Statue of Abe.

What a difference sunlight and a polarizing filter make.

Remember, 60 MPH.
Shooting out Mr. Hawthorne's window.

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