Monday, April 23, 2012

April 20, 2012. Freaking Crap Meal In Pueblo, CO.

 The Hawthornes are now alternating
choosing our restaurant meals.
It's only fair.

I was jonesin' for Mexican.
So I consulted my new phone
and it told me to go to Three Margaritas.

The reviews were good
and it was full of Hispanics.
That's usually a good sign.
Not this time.

Crap meal.
But I did get an idea for a side dish.
A side dish I can improve upon.

 I didn't order this.
It was brought to the table with the salsa.

Rosie Likey!
It's chopped mushrooms,
julienned carrots, 
chopped red onions and green peppers,
with a heap of lime juice.

 The salsa was good too.
Lots of heat.

 Mr. H. got the Caesar salad with grilled chicken
and salty-assed croutons, which he didn't eat.
Unacceptable to both of us.

 I had a hankering for a chili relleno and an enchilada.

 Just UGH!

Why oh why, Rosie,
do you torture yourself this way?

I thought this restaurant might be good 
because of all the reviews I read 
and the fact that it was packed with Hispanics.

It sucked.

I should have ordered three margaritas
and been done with it.

Montezuma's Revenge hit me.
Or as Mr. Hawthorne called it,
"Rosie had a Mexican enema."

Sorry, folks.
I call it like it happens.


Anonymous said...

I can see the oil slick on top of your sauce.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Yep. The chile relleno and enchilada did not like me at all. Feeling was mutual.

Marilyn said...

Poor Rosie. I see that according to Urbanspoon only 76% of the reviewers liked that restaurant. I tell you, you need to install that app. I'd never go to a restaurant with that low of a rating.