Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome To Rosie's Garden.

 I had to bring a bit of spring inside.

 Irises, larkspur, and jonquils.



 Rose bud.

 Gerbera daisy.



 Bachelor button aka cornflower aka centaurea
amongst the bottlebrush.

 Ice plant aka delosperma.

 Shamrocks aka oxalis.



More shamrocks.

When I walked out this morning to pack the truck,
I noticed this pair of ducks resting in my garden.

My roses are just starting to open.

Orange poppies, honesty or money plant in front with purple blooms,
and larkspur.
I don't know what this little pretty is.
It came from a seed packet of wild flowers.
Mar, do you have any idea?
And that would be my friend, Mar,
of Foodies Untie blogdom.

Red and orange poppies.
Blue and white larkspur.


Wild orchid.



Larkspur and cilantro blooming.

This pair of ducks is quite tame.
Somebody must have been feeding them,
since they came right up to me.

Jonquils, over-wintered petunia,
calendula, columbine, larkspur, cilantro.

I'm going to miss all this!

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