Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to Rosie's Garden.

 This is little Burgoo.
I can tell the difference
by the whites on her ears.
She's not as comfortable on the deck as Brunswick is.
But she's getting there.

Let's see.
Jonquils front left.
Overwintered petunias front center.
Calendula behind the petunias.
Columbine on the right.
The blues in the back are larkspur.
There's a tall cilantro plant that's blooming
in the back left.
I'm waiting for the lovely raw, green coriander seeds
that are ToDieFor.


 Columbine waiting to open.


 Calendular and over-wintered petunia.

 I call 'em jonquils.
You call 'em what you want.

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