Friday, April 27, 2012

April 23, 2012. Rosie Chooses A Chinese Restaurant In Fruita, Colorado.

The Hawthornes enjoyed a wonderful afternoon
 at the Colorado National Monument.
We came in on the east side from Grand Junction
and came out at Fruita on the west side.
We're staying in Fruita for the night, 
since there's not much ahead of us
with regards to accommodations.
Tomorrow, we head into Wyoming.
Our destination is Yellowstone!

We arrived in Fruita about 3 PM.
And I'm hungry.
Lousy breakfast this morning at Montrose.
Had one piece of whole wheat toast.
Tried to eat some scrambled eggs,
but they were Gawd-awful.
Why can't people scramble a decent egg?
Also they had corned beef hash.
I spit out both the egg and the hash.
Mr. Hawthorne was happy to eat his boiled eggs.
I check the Garmin
and see a Chinese restaurant.
It's my turn to pick.
We're going to a Chinese restaurant 
that is NOT a ChinaMac.
No fucking buffet!
I got to actually order from a MENU!

This is Dragon Treasure

Chinese Restaurant and Mongolian Grill.
And if you check out the link,
you'll see I wasn't the only one who enjoyed this place.

We started with an excellent sweet and sour soup.

 Perfect viscosity.
Pieces of tofu, black mushrooms, and meat.
 Rich, deep flavors.

Mr. Hawthorne ordered the shrimp and veggies.
He didn't eat his rice or the fried eggroll or the corn.
I got his corn and he ate the cabbage innards of the eggroll.

Now concerning my caveat about
not eating shrimp in the landlocked states:
If you find a good Chinese restaurant,
they know how to cook shrimp.
This shrimp was sweet and succulent.

I had the Schezwaun beef and veggies.
Very nicely spiced.
I took some of my rice and mixed
it in with my sweet and sour soup.
This meal was a pleasure to eat.
And as you know, Rosie hasn't had too many
culinary pleasures on this trip.

Sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard sauce
which thoroughly opened my sinuses like it's supposed to do.
I'm finally able to breathe now.

Let's see.
Ten days into the trip and
this is the fourth decent meal I've had.

#1 Nachos in Bloomington, IN. at Upland Brewery
thanks to Mar of Foodies Untie blogdom.

Mar, here's a funny comment Kathy,
texted me:

"Poor Mar.  
She was probably losing sleep 
at the thought of picking a restaurant for you."

You should sleep well,
knowing that you done good, girl!

#2  Pho in Larned, KS., of all places,
at Peking Garden.

#3 Filet Mignon in Dodge City, KS.
at Central Station.

#4 Shrimp and Vegetables, Beef Schezwan, Sweet and Sour soup
at Dragon Treasure in Fruita, Colorado.

 Oh, I do so hope to add more to this list!

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Marilyn said...

So glad you finally had another good meal.

And yes, I was sweating bullets over picking a good restaurant for you, especially when I found out just that morning that Mr. H had decided to go on that Gawd-Awful Diet.

You know though, I grew up learning not to be choosy about food as the family rule was to eat what was put in front of you and be glad that you had food to eat. And most time it was pretty crappy food, too.