Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 22, 2012. Oh Yuk, Rosie. Remember Where You Are.

The Hawthornes were in Montrose, Colorado,
Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Hawthorne is picking
out the restaurant for lunch.
This never bodes well.

Plus Rosie is used to ordering what she's used to
and she forgot she was landlocked
and ultimately made a really bad choice.

When we arrived in Montrose mid-afternoon,
I used the Garmin to find restaurant options.
Mr. Hawthorne, on his damned "diet,"
picked out a rib place.
I have never ordered ribs in a restaurant in my life.
If I want ribs, or BBQ,
I'll make it myself.
It's not something I would ever go out and order.

We arrived at some freakin' Rib Palace or such.
Mr. H. ordered a plate of smoked turkey breast
and BBQ to take back to the hotel room.

Unfortunately, I was weakened by my hunger
and not thinking clearly.
I ordered a salad,
which I thought was safe.
Then I went ahead and ordered the salad with fried shrimp on it.
and I ordered SHRIMP!

Apparently, the altitude and the thin air
and lack of oxygen are doing a number on my feeble brain.
I don't know what I was thinking,
except I wasn't thinking.

I am an IDIOT!

My frozen shrimp came encased in a batter
that totally obliterated any flavor of frozen shrimp
that wasn't there to begin with.
 I had blue, not even bleu, cheese dressing on the side.
There was nary a piece of cheese in there.

And I got two pieces of Texas toast.
With granulated garlic.
And a hot buffalo sauce with my meal.
Tabasco was written all over it.

I never want another salad again.

This was painful.
Physically painful.
I picked at the salad,
then gave up.

I cursed myself for ordering STUPID shrimp.
I don't know why I did that.
I was weak and not thinking clearly.
Lack of oxygen
at these high altitudes
is doing a number on my brain.

We got back to the hotel
and my stomach churned.

The only good that came of this meal
was that I lost it.

I am beginning to HATE Mr. Hawthorne.


Marilyn said...

Dear Rosie, what I suggest you do is to research the area you are in and eat what the locals eat, even if it is not food that you would normally eat. Open your culinary horizons. You may not like the foods, but you will be adventuresome.

Lori K said... pictures???

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Lori, I put up one pic of my meal.
Don't you see it?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, my hands are tied behind my back. Because of you-know-who.

He chose the rib place and I ordered a salad to be on the safe side. Then for some unGodly reason - I blame thin air and lack of oxygen to the brain -
I told them to put the fried shrimp on it as that was one of the options.

Lori K said...

I see it now....
Please get out of the thin air!!!
Safe travels :)