Sunday, April 15, 2012

WHOOT! Rosie Has A Smart Phone.

Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne are heading down the road on I64 W
and I just figgered out how to "tether" my laptop to my LG phone!

I can now blog while we're driving.

Again, WHOOT!
I feel almost as smart as my phone.

I want to say hello to my reader in Poca, West Virginia.
We just passed the turn off to Poca.



Anonymous said...

Hey, Rosie. Hope you are enjoying your drive through WV, birthplace of both of my parents and home of many of my relatives.

Since you are passing by Poca, I had to tell you -- the mascot of Poca High School is the Dots. Yes, they are the Poca Dots. Only in West Virginia!

vera charles

Rosie Hawthorne said...

So Vera, are you my reader from Poca or is it someone else?

Love Poca Dots!

Marilyn said...

Whoot! Hi to Vera Charles!

Anonymous said...

No, not me. I'm not from WV. Must be somebody else. I'm from Maryland, right next door.

and Hi to Marilyn!

vera charles