Friday, May 14, 2010

What Passes For Entertainment In Colington.

The minds of young males are scary places. I don't know how the boys came up with this, but I can imagine something along the lines of this dialog: Yo, Dawg. Waddup? Nuffin. Wha da you wanna do? I dunno. Wha da you wanna do? I dunno ... Hey. I got this mattress. And we got skateboards. Let's go to the steepest hill in Colington Harbour and take a ride. Dude, that sounds freakin' awesome. Peace, man. Big thank you to Wilhem for the cell phone vids!
And who thought this was a good idea? It's amazing those boys have made it this far. I offer you our future.

1 comment:

dle said...

Actually, it looks kinda fun!! But with my luck I would be the one falling off and being taken to hospital or...ending up in the water....boys will be boys!