Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chicken Stir Fry. Tuesday Lunch For The Boys.

Tuesday lunch for the Hawthorne Boys (Daughter Hawthorne is at work. Good Daughter Hawthorne!) and friends.
I found boneless chicken fillets in the freezer. Of course, they were on sale. $1.19/pound. I thinly sliced them while still partly frozen.
My other ingredients for stir frying: celery carrot peppers onion scallions, for topping
I heated my wok, added some oil, heated it, and added the carrots. Stir fried about 1 minute.
Then I added in the celery ...
... peppers and onions.
I stir fried for about 30 secs, then added water down the side of the hot wok and let the steam do its magic for about 30 seconds. Remove to a bowl and cover.
I seasoned my chicken with salt and pepper.
Added some sesame oil to the hot wok ...
... and stir fried the chicky, just a few bits at a time. Maybe 1-2 minutes. Transfer to another platter and stir fry the next batch. As in any type of frying, do not crowd the pan. This lowers the temperature of the oil and you end up steaming, not searing.
Ingredients for my sauce: 3 garlic cloves chunk of ginger corn starch slurry (1 TB corn starch and 1 TB cold water) 1 cup chicken stock 3 TB Tamari 2 TB chili garlic sauce 1 TB rice vinegar 1-2 TB corn syrup 1 tsp sesame oil
Corn starch slurry on the right. Then chicken stock. Then mixture of Tamari, chili/garlic sauce, rice vinegar, corn syrup, and sesame oil. Bottom left is toasted black sesame seeds. Minced ginger and garlic in center. Rosie Hint #289: Keep ginger frozen in 1-inch cubes. You'll always have it on hand and it won't go bad. To use, nuke the ginger cube for about 20 seconds. Then you can squeeze the juice out. Use the ginger juice, the minced ginger, and the minced garlic in the Soy/Chili Garlic sauce.
When all the chicken was done, I added it back to the wok and slowly poured in my corn starch slurry. 1 TB corn starch mixed with 1 TB cold water.
Next, gradually pour in chicken stock, stirring, until nicely thickened.
Add in veggies.
Add in sauce and stir to coat.
Serve on a bed of Jasmine rice and sprinkle sesame seeds and scallions over top.
This was light and quite flavorful. Just the right amount of heat from the chili garlic sauce. Nice flavors. No leftovers.

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