Thursday, May 13, 2010

All The Little Hawthornelets Are Home! Yay?

It's Tuesday, May 11.
The Hawthornes arrived home from our 1-week vacation on Sunday afternoon. In 30 years, we've never been gone this long. We've only been able to take 2-3 day trips within the past 4 years. None before that. Now, we can leave Dixie and Youngest Hawthorne in charge. And something tells me, Youngest Hawthorne doesn't really mind this. Truth be told, I kinda get the feeling he wants the 'rents out. Must be my imagination.
We returned home Sunday afternoon. Middle Hawthorne and Beau had come home from college. Of course, Youngest Hawthorne and Junior were there. And Dixie. Holding the fort. Mr. Hawthorne and I hesitantly approached home. Not quite knowing what to expect. At the same time, knowing what to expect. I must say, Youngest Hawthorne did an admirable job taking care of the home front. Mama is proud. Then, guess who came home.
If you guessed Daughter Hawthorne with Giada and Dogwood, the cat, you would be correct. Dixie could use a few valiums. So could I for that matter. Rosie has four dogs in her kitchen. That's Dixie at bottom left. Top left is Beau, AKA "Piglet," Middle Hawthorne's puppy. Top right is Giada, Daughter Hawthorne's puppy. Middle is Junior, Youngest Hawthorne's puppy. The Alpha Bitch is shooting the pictures. Does anyone know what it's like to cook around 4 dogs? It ain't easy. Dixie has an aura.

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dle said...

Admit love when all the children are home...furry or otherwise!!! At least any food you may drop while cooking never hits the floor.