Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Trip. Day 6. Lunch In Bassett At Mamma's Kitchen.

Mama-In-Law Hawthorne has her hair done Friday afternoons and always likes to go out to lunch afterwards. Mr. Hawthorne was her surprise for lunch.
Lunch was at Mamma's Kitchen in Basset, Va.
I ordered a Club Sandwich. No mayo. Whole wheat. Extra crispy fries. Club sammich not so hot. I ate half of it, carried the rest in my cooler, and threw it out two days later. Can't anybody fry a decent fry? These were not cripsy at all. Didn't eat the fries.
Mr. H. got the chicken livers on a bed of rice (not seen, since it's underneath the livers) with gravy and cole slaw and tater salad. Cole slaw and tater salad pretty good. Livers were excellent. Perfectly cooked. And I very rarely see chicken livers on menus anywhere. Next stop, Raleigh.

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