Thursday, May 13, 2010

If Rosie Twittered ... Tweeted? ... Which is it?

I'm not a twitter, twitterer, tweeter. For some reason, I apparently have a twitter account. I believe I twittered around when Twitter first came out. I never TWEETED. I just had a Twitter Account. I couldn't figure out any efficacy to tweeting so I never went back. Just another ridiculous time sink. And to this day, I don't know what Twittering/Tweeting/Twitting is. And the funny thing is - I'm always getting email notices about Rosie's Twitter "Followers." People are coming on to my Twitter Page, which I don't even know how to access, and are becoming cult-like stalkers of a non-functioning Twitter site. Why would anyone follow someone who has never tweeted/twitted/twittered in her entire life? It's a BLANK PAGE. Once again, Rosie is confuzzled.

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