Monday, May 10, 2010

Come Into My Garden.

Come into my garden and enjoy the sights and smells. See all the flavors. (These pics from April 30.)
My periwinkle, Vinca.
A salvia.
Scotch Broom. Apparently, I have a noxious weed.
Beautiful verbena.
The aroma of Dianthus is magnificent.
Double Delight Rose.
Bachelor's Buttons. Just throw the seeds out. They'll come up in pretty much any conditions. Mine self-seed each year on top of mulch.
My foxgloves.
These beautiful specimens are perennials. They self-seed, on top of mulch, and have lots of babies, which are easily transplanted to other parts of the garden. Mine thrive both in shade, semi-shade, and full sun. The seeds are surprisingly tiny. Smaller than a pin head. And it's amazing that such a wee seed can grow into something as spectacular and majestic as the foxglove, or digitalis.
You can't really tell, but I've tilled my southern garden, added compost, manure, and humus, and made three small beds in the back, which are planted with tomatoes and peppers and which have been kicked in the ass by the high winds lately.
I just turned my sprinkler system on and there's nothing I lurve more than sprinklers.

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