Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rosie - She Who Runs With Dogs.

Every morning, Dixie, Junior, and I hit the road for a little run through the neighborhood.
Here, we're just getting started and Junior is quite excited.
Every time we get to Xmaskatie's lot, Junior has to stop and go into Mole Mode.
This is great sport for Junior. Dixie thinks he's an idiot.
I've always liked this house and the landscaping. Sorry this is blurred. My autofocus was focusing past the gate. Which brings me to the point of this picture. What's the point of the gate? It doesn't serve any purpose. It doesn't keep anything out. It doesn't keep anything in. This makes no sense to me.
I love this yard. It beckons to me. I want to follow the trails.
Here's another yard I like. The azaleas are blooming.
There's clematis growing up the mail box post. And what's not to love about garden whimsy.
This is Good Neighbor Bobby and Buster. Dixie and Junior love Buster.
My garden.
Yellow Scotch Broom in the background. Purple salvia on the left and dianthus on the right.
The dianthus smells heavenly. You can smell it all the way across the yard.

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Lane said...

That purple salvia isn't the same stuff that is sold as weird-legal-but not real-weed, is it? Looks like black powder before its smoked? I mean, this is just what I've heard... but is that the same kind of salvia?