Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Road Trip. Day 1. Pisgah Covered Bridge.

Our next stop Sunday was the Pisgah Covered Bridge. This bridge spans the west fork of the Little River in Randolph County, NC and is one of two remaining covered bridges in North Carolina. This bridge was the film location of 2009's Blairs Bridge movie, which, of course, I'd never heard of. Built in 1911 by J. J. Welch for about $40, Pisgah Covered bridge is a one-lane bridge, 51 feet in length. When it could no longer handle the increased traffic, it became obsolete, but still remains a popular tourist attraction.
Since 1988, the North Carolina Zoo, in collaboration with the NC Department of Transportation, the Piedmont Land Conservancy, and the Landtrust for Central North Carolina, has maintained and refurbished the bridge. A flash flood on August 9, 2003, washed the bridge away, but it was rebuilt the next year. About 90 percent of the materials from the original structure was salvagable. Originally, the bridge was believed to have had a shingle roof, but it was replaced with tin in the 1930's. In the restoration, the roof was again shingled.
There is a quarter-mile trail through the woods on site, crossing footbridges and passing a baptismal pool, downstream from the bridge.

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