Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road Trip. Day 1. North Carolina Zoo In Asheville. African Pavillion. Part 1.

Oh please. Give me a damn break. I've worked hours uploading one photo at a time to blogger and I'm exhausted. I give you the Africa Exhibit at the North Carolina Zoo.
We approach the zoo. There are statues of elephants and I make Mr. Hawthorne stop so I can have a photo op. To take pictures of fake elephants.
We enter the North Carolina Zoological Park. There are two separate exhibits: African and North American. I opt for the African.
We are entering the African pavilion.
View from the bridge.
First, we see giraffes and a zebra.
And an ostrich.
And now we're at the lion exhibit. Where's the freakin' lion?
Apparently passed out from the heat.
Next, the gorillas. I had a video, but I ain't even thinking about trying to upload it.
Found a copperhead scurrying amongst the foliage.
Some kind of eagle.
A rhino and something else.
Stay tuned. More forthcoming. I just have to say, Mr. Hawthorne wore my ass out this afternoon with his bitchin' about the Zoo.


Lane said...

I felt sorry for that poor gorilla gazing through the window at the free world that he will never again truly experience. Drooling. Poor poor little monkey :( I want to hug him and save him.

zzzadig said...

Harpy eagle

Kathy said...

That gorilla has excellent posture. We should take the lesson *as I sit up straighter*