Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Colington Harbour Fire !

Approximately 12:28, lunch time, I heard sirens. And then the heavy, certain sound/rumble/roar/dread of fire engines coursing through Colington Harbour. Just short of 2.5 miles into the Harbour, after turning left at the Guard Gate, a home was on fire. I saw swisps of black smoke wafting into the air. The Colington Volunteer Fire Department was on this in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I've seen several fires out here. Usually the smoke belches out black and deathly. What I would call mushroom cloud-like. This afternoon, not so. Thankfully.
Mr. H. and I drove there late this afternoon. (4 ish) A fire engine and some official, I believe, perhaps the Chief, were still there. We went to the end of the street which faces West, Sunset on the Sound, turned around, and came back, rubber-neckin'. Just what the Fire Department wants and needs.
Here's Mr. H.'s pic. We stopped and chatted with an old friend who lives right up the street. No one was hurt. Physically.
But Rosie will certainly get to the bottom of this. Sooner, if not immediately.

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