Friday, May 21, 2010

Poor Youngest Hawthorne.

Mr. Hawthorne and I have had issues with the Hawthorne boys and their parking preferences. We have an ample parking lot. There's a hard parking pad that extends across the front and the rest is mulched and hard-packed back to the grass and garden area. If you drive in that area and park on the diagonal you can get at least 6 cars in - not 2 parallel-parked. Daughter Hawthorne and I GET this. The Hawthorne Males do not. Other males who come over don't get it. Other females who come over get it. Anyways, I digress. Back to Youngest Hawthorne's parking woes. He doesn't want to park "over there" because his car is not 4-wheel drive and he shouldn't be expected to drive through "this crap" to park, "this crap" being hard-packed mulch. Plus, he tells us, the only place he would park is on the concrete pad in front, blocking anyone else's access. But then he found out there was a power line overhead and all the birds crapped on his car. So he always parks at the very end of an empty driveway. Whenever Mr. H. and I come back home, YH's car is blocking our entry. We have constantly told him, "Do NOT park in the driveway." Heh heh heh.
Check his car out. Karma can come when you least expect it and bite you in the ass!
I went outside, saw this onslaught of fecal material on YH's vehicle and just had to laugh. I immediately went in and asked him if he'd seen his car. I gently explained to him that a flock of diarrhetic sea gulls had just flown, albeit somewhat uncontrollably, over his ride. He had just washed and waxed his car, too. Oh, to capture that expression!
The funny part is is that Youngest Hawthorne's car is totally covered. I checked the driveway for fecal contamination and there was none. Whatsoever. I examined our two trucks in the drive and nothing. Nada. Everything was on Youngest Hawthorne's car. YH calls FOUL PLAY. VANDALISM. Damn rogue sea gulls. I told him to put one of his gun range targets on top of his car. Gulls could at least aim.
Gulls, job well done!

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Marilyn said...

Funny, I've always told the Foodie Daughter that Karma Bites.

The Foodie Boyfriend was driving the Foodie Daughter's car home recently when a flock of Canadian geese flew overhead. For some odd reason, they felt the need to "decorate" her car.