Thursday, May 6, 2010

Road Trip. Day 3. Lunch At The Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant In Asheville.

After touring the North Carolina Arboretum, we still had time to kill before checking into our hotel room and going to Biltmore. It was lunchtime, so Mr. H. and I headed to the
Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant. We found this little gem last time we were in Asheville. See here for our last visit.
Check out the prices on their menu.
There's nowhere on the Outer Banks where you can get seafood for these prices.
Here's Mr. Hawthorne's platter of fried cod and oysters. Along with a baked potato and hush puppies.
I had fried jumbo shrimp and oysters. Honestly, I don't know how anyone could possibly eat all this. I didn't bother with the French fries or the hush puppies. I ate the shrimp and most of the oysters. And again, I ask you. If you can fry seafood as deliciously as this, why the hell can't you fry a decent French fry? These were limp and crappy. Back in October when we found this place, we took home a slice of their Suicide Chocolate Cake. We were sooooo looking forward to this dessert again. Alas, it was not to be. They didn't have the Suicide Cake. But please do take a look at what they did have.
Red Velvet Cake.
Raspberry cake.
We got the Cappuccino Cake. The chocolate wasn't as dense and rich as the Suicide Cake, but it was still excellent cake. Mr. Hawthorne found out a place in Atlanta makes these cakes and they sell only to restaurants. If you're ever in Asheville and want a fried fish fix, this is your Go-To place - The Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant. The fried food is wonderful. The desserts are To.Die.For. (And again, I'm not a "dessert person.") The service is excellent and the people here are super-Southern-friendly. I was shooting pictures of the cakes and one of the polite, young hosts came over to me and said, "You know, I've never seen this before." "What," I asked? "Well, I see people come in front of the dessert display and stare for a real long time, but I've never seen anyone shoot pictures before. Here, let me open the case for you so you can get better pictures." Thank you, kind sir.

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