Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, April 12 Lunch At Outer Banks Taco Bar.

We're trying out a new spot - Outer Banks Taco Bar in Kitty Hawk. And here's the Menu. Very reasonable prices. Fellow Outer Banks Blogger Russ blogged earlier about OBTC and we've been meaning to go. Finally, we did. Over a month ago. April 12. Sorry. I keep these posts.
First we ordered the chips and salsa. No. I don't think we ordered it. It was delivered to us. Their chips are very fresh and good, as is the salsa.
And who knew Lady Liberty dined here?
Had I known the portions were so large, I would have skipped on the rice and beans. Lemme just say, I do not like refried beans. I like black beans though. But I didn't care for these beans. Just cook the beans and serve. Don't process in extra oil, please. I know most people like this. I know I'm the odd ball. But there you have it. I want my beans to be recognizable as beans, not as a byproduct.
Chili lime slaw. Not bad. Mr. Hawthorne didn't care for it much. But he prefers a traditional slaw.
Mr. Hawthorne ordered the ground beef burrito. It was huge. It came with charred beef, not ground beef, so he was a bit bummed about that. But he ate all of it.
Sorry. Picture blurred.
But it's dark in there. I had the special seafood taco - grilled mahi. Homemade tacos. Check. And I added rice to it, some salsa, some onion, some tomatillo salsa, and some cilantro all from the taco bar. I loved the grilled mahi. I could have eaten more mahi though. I only had five pieces. Other positive points: There is a taco bar with all the fixin's: jalapenos lettuce salsa cheese onions tomatillo salsa lime wedges sour cream cilantro lots of different hot sauces (I'm sure I missed something.) The negative? No ice tea! ACK!!! I don't want a beer at lunchtime. And I do not like soft drinks, the only other option. And they were in cans. Mr. Hawthorne prefers fountain drinks. Why no tea, boys? You make a lot more money brewing some tea bags than serving canned drinks. The thing I have found out about Mexican restaurants, is that you have to know what to order. Now I know for OBTB. Pass on the cole slaw. Pass on the beans. We'll split the rice. Chips and salsa were great. Add more jalapenos, onions, and cilantro to the salsa. Double up on the mahi.

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