Thursday, May 6, 2010

Road Trip. Day 3. The North Carolina Arboretum.

Tuesday morning,
we made our way to Asheville, about 30-40 minutes from Marion. Our whole point of this trip was to go to Biltmore for the Festival of Flowers. First place we went to in Asheville was the North Carolina Arboretum. We'd been there last October. See here. For the dead birds. And here. For the maples and beautiful child. And here. For the bonsai exhibit. Our timing is critical, since if you get to Biltmore after 3PM, you have free access the next day. And that's the plan. We got to the Arboretum about 11 AM. And we're killing time until the Biltmore Estate. Enjoy the pictures and I'll shut up.
Totally missed the quilt garden last fall.
I love the Indian.
Black Widow.
This is the end of my pictures. As you might have figgered out, I take pics of everything. I just found out that Mr. Hawthorne had taken pictures at the Arboretum. Mr. H. is selective with his photographs. I uploaded them and here they are: Lovely, Mr. Hawthorne. Next, we're going to lunch at the Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurant which we went to last year and loved. We need to kill some time until 3 PM.
The following picture (from last Saturday afternoon)
was in Mr. Hawthorne's downloads:
Awwww. I miss my Dixie.

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