Sunday, May 9, 2010

Join Me In Rosie's Garden.

This draft is from April 29. I want you to see my roses BEFORE and AFTER. Lots of flower pics now to stall my Biltmore thesis. Please stay tuned and stay with me. This is my BEFORE post:
Enjoy my flowers.
My asparagus.
My stock.
I think this is angelonia. I thought it was an annual, but it keeps coming back year after year.
I found a little plant growing in my rose bed last year that I knew was something, but didn't know what, so I left it alone. It turned out to be an ice plant. I recently cut off some pieces and tucked them in between my stones. They appear to be very happy here. Funny thing is - I do not know where this little plant came from. I've never grown it before. But all of a sudden, here it is in my yard.
I'm doing lots of flower posts in a little time. So you may want to go back and see something you haven't seen before. Check below right on Older Posts.

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