Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Hawthorne Puppies.

I love these pictures. Junior is the cream in the Oreo. Chocolate cream. White cookies. Reverse Oreos. Giada and Beau are the white cookies. Giada is licking her ass. Beau is vigilant. Junior feels very safe. He's chillin'. Wouldn't you?
It's a Reverse Oreo. Two white on either side and black in the middle.
Giada has a peculiar interest in her ass. Junior has a long tongue.
Even Beau-Bo gets tired. What is Giada doing?
Junior always likes the touch factor. He wants to be between Giada and Beau, touching both.
Junior so much wants to be next to something. He succeeds.


deb said...

I just love the puppy pictures and how Junior stretches out so he can be touching the others....

Ken said...

In our family, we call this "sleeping in a pile." Kenna does this with me, too, though--she likes to have some part of her body touching me when she sleeps.