Monday, May 24, 2010

Rosie And The Doggies.

Regal Giada.
Giada is always on a collar and leash outside because she doesn't come when called. In fact, Giada takes any opportunity to wrest herself out of the confines of her collar and gallop off throughout the neighborhood. This is great sport for her, especially if she gets Junior to go on the lam with her. They ran off together one Sunday morning last summer and had a wonderful jaunt. It was about 7:30 AM. I got in the car and went looking for them. Found them about a mile away. Having a grand time.
Giada likes to roam.
She's always alert.
She likes to prowl.
Yellow roses, white larkspur, and blue bachelor's buttons.
Bachelor's buttons and setcreasea.
Giada is standing in my mulched parking lot amongst yellow poppies, a little lettuce plant, perhaps Simpson's Black Seeded, and some Rudbeckias and Larkspurs. All volunteers.
I had a depression in the lawn - rotting stumps or whatever - and covered it up with fill dirt from my garden. Grass hasn't come through yet, but several sunflowers have.
Giada is hot on the trail of something here.
She's checking out every little nook ...
... and cranny.
Is that a cranny?
My happy little volunteers.
Random roses.
Giada sacked out on Daughter Hawthorne's bed.
Little sweet Dogwood.
Guess who's room this is.
Dogwood likes to cuddle.
Interesting room. See my baby picture?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

2 words Rosie: obedience training.
Pups can be such a joy, except when they're not! Your house, your rules, it is never to late to correct bad behavior.
Love, Cesar
P.S. Loved your enchiladas!